KL Central Market

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The Kuala Lumpur Central Market is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. Dating back to 1888, the market has played an important role in KL's commercial and cultural life.

Visitors to the city can purchase a wide range of Malaysian handicrafts, art work, textiles and souvenirs at the market.  Prices are competitive, however, tourists should expect to do little bartering.

Kuala Lumpur Central Market
Kuala Lumpur Central Market

Two Malaysian-made products that make excellent gifts are are batik clothing and items made from pewter.

Malaysian festivals and cultural showcases often are held at the KL Central Market.

There are also a number of good hawker stalls and restaurants located in the market.

The Kuala Lumpur Central Market features an Art-Deco facade.  It is conveniently located near a metro station.

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